A mirror to the past and a vision for the future. A reminder for things past of successes, hopes and dreams fulfilled and a promise of even better things to come. This what decades of functioning of an organizations is all about. Education is a continuous and creative process. Foundation of every nation is the education growth and wealth creation. Its aim is to developed the capacities talent in human nature and coordinate their expression for the enrichment and progress of society by equipping children with spiritual, moral and material knowledge . Not only it created knowledge but it also develops the expertise to translate that knowledge into action. It is through knowledge that we have to build the destiny of our community and society as has been rightly said, “The destiny of a man is shaped in a classroom ". One of the major change in the situation over the decades is that the need for education has now turned into a demand for education. Especially there is a need to give attention to female education as they have turned to be active participants and contributors is social and economic growth of country, apart from it education gives them a fare idea of their own awareness and interest in bettering their own lot.
At GHGC, we focus on all round development of girls. Who are not only equipped with the skill required to get the best jobs, but we also focus on holistic personality development. This includes being able to achieve inner peace and give back to society what we all have received all through our lives. I am confident that the citizens of Phallewal and adjoining villages will continue to extend their full co-operation. I wish all the parents and future students all success in their lives.